Jay Forester

I have participated in several summer and semester study abroad programs. My experience during EUSPs inaugural summer program was the best. My program included students from various countries, academic levels, and interests. Additionally, the groups small size made getting to know other students and professors easy.


Become an Expert in Energy Politics

in Siberia, Central Asia, the Caspian Basin

MA in Energy Politics in Eurasia (ENERPO)

The enormous Eurasian energy resources in Russia, Central Asia, the Caspian Basin and other regions affect the world politics, trade, security and relations between big players. You will learn how countries and corporations cooperate or enter conflicts over ownership, control, transportation and consumption of oil and gas. Developing your analytical skills will prepare you to a career of policy maker and consultant to help political and economic actors meet various challenges. Through ENERPO you will familiarize with key energy projects in Eurasia and address the main problems in the development of the sphere of energy.

The courses combine the perspectives of political science, security studies, political economy, and anthropology. You will also get access to first-hand expertise of the energy sector.

ENERPO is a novelty program which combines in-class training by leading Russian and international experts, master classes by representatives of the energy business community, and company visits.

While one-semester study abroad is possible, to get your masters degree you need to spend two semesters in St. Petersburg followed by a dissertation writing period.

This program offers the following benefits:

  • studying at a compact, internationally renowned private university in Russia devoted solely to the social sciences;
  • interdisciplinary curricula with unparalleled breadth of courses that tailor education to specific needs;
  • teaching by Russias major figures in political science, political economy, and public policy;
  • excellent preparation for further research work or for careers in education, public administration, the private sector.
You can now pre-taste more of ENERPO by familiarizing with the syllabi of these courses:

News about Russia and Eurasia

NATO Ships Arrive in St Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG, October 10 - NATO ships assigned to Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group ONE (SNMCMG1) arrived in St Petersburg for a scheduled port visit. The two remaining ships belonging to SNMCMG1 will be arriving later in the visit.

During the visit, the NATO forces will exercise together with the Russian Navy, conducting personnel exchange visits in port, playing a friendly game of football and conducting a passing exercise (PASSEX) at sea.

World Report A Space Race, But On Russia's Terms

In order to maintain its space superiority, the United States currently relies on Russian technology so much so, in fact, that every once in a while American claims to space superiority seem rather hollow. This state of affairs has been brought into sharp focus in recent weeks,- writes IMARES 2012 Fall student Matthew Bodner in his op-ed published by the US News and World Report.


Anti-Drugs Crusader Claims Victory in Urals City Mayoral Vote

MOSCOW, September 8 (RIA Novosti) A controversial and charismatic anti-drugs campaigner claimed victory in a mayoral election in Russias fourth largest city Sunday.
Yevgeny Roizman ran for mayor of the Urals city Yekaterinburg as a member of billionaire Mikhail Prokhorovs Civil Platform party.